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Comments are an essential part of any blog. They help you connect with your visitors and based on my tests, maybe even rank higher on Google.

Parrot SEO Comments is an enhancement for the native WordPress comments system.

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What Does Parrot SEO Comments Do?

It works with any WordPress theme and completely integrates into the native WordPress comments functionality to ensure that:

  • All your old blog comments continue to exist even when you start using Parrot SEO Comments
  • If you ever deactivate Parrot SEO Comments, all your comments will continue to remain on your site as regular WordPress comments (you’ll just lose the more advanced features that I’ll discuss below)

4 Features: Parrot SEO Comments Plugin

Upvotes/Downvotes On Individual Comments (WordPress comment voting)

Parrot SEO Comments Plugin gives you the option to add upvotes and downvotes to individual comments, just like the popular social network

Social Login To Comment

Parrot SEO Comments Plugin still lets you keep that formula, if you want. But it also gives you a new way to verify your comments with Social Login.

Parrot SEO Comments Plugin supports social login for both Facebook and Google+, which makes it easy for visitors to quickly leave a comment just by clicking a button to verify their social profile.

3. Display Offer/Message After Comment

Parrot SEO Comments Plugin gives you a chance to connect with engaged readers by letting you display a message or offer immediately after a visitor leaves a comment.

With this feature, you can:

Display a custom message
Ask them to share their comment on social media
Display related posts
Redirect them to another URL
Display an opt-in form

4. Dedicated Parrot SEO Comments Plugin Comments Moderation Area

Parrot SEO Comments Plugin comes with its own moderation area that offers some improvements over the regular WordPress comments moderation area, especially for teams.

With it, you can:

Mark a comment as needing a reply
Assign the comment to another user for them to reply to which I find useful since ShoutMeLoud is a multi-author blog
Feature the comment to give it extra visibility

What Our Users Are Saying:

Wow this is really awesome i will try this out to see the fancy tools in my wordpress comments system Thanks Parrot SEO Comments Plugin you are always the best.

Anna Smith - CEO, Incorp

Parrot SEO Comments Plugin looks very sleek, responsive & handy. Thanks for the recommendation.

Marc Jacobs - Manager

How to install

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BUY NOW [Retail version]

69$ 59$


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